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Masters in trade brokering with 25 years of experience

Do you need project financing? Are lack of banking instruments causing a delay in your import transaction?

Do you need to discount a letter of credit to enable you deliver an order?

From the comfort of your home, you can get expert consultation on the best solution for your needs

We are experts in Project Financing, Petroleum Product trade, Bank instrument leasing and discounting, Vessel & crew Management, Scrap ship trading and many others

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We provide leased SBLC/BG(MT760), DLC (MT700) RWA letters, POF, BCL from top rated banks in the world

We are a reliable supplier of petroleum products such as crude oil, AGO, PMS, JetA1 fuel amongst others

Need premium to manage your ship or crew? We've got you covered. We handle everything including ship maintenance at competitive rates ​

Your Scrap ship could fetch you a handsome rate if you know where to look, for a small fee, we market used or decommissioned ships to the highest bidder to ensure you get the best possible rates.​

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We provide bank instruments for importers to meet the requirement of their suppliers. We provide leased bank instruments through top rated banks in Europe, Asia and America. We do not charge upfront fees and our leasing rates are competitive.

We work witha wide network of key players ranging from Oil rigs to Refineries  to Tank Farms,, we facilitate trade for several petroleum products across several continents including but not limited to  PMS, AGO, JetA1, LNG and others. Get in touch today.

Ship and Crew management is vital to the profitability of a vessel. We are experts in managing several types of vessels such as Tankers, Cargo Ships, Supply or Utility Vessels etc with ease due to years of experience in the field. And should you decide to sell, we will organise an aution to ensure you get the best market rate available for your ship.

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